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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from Windows PCs. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Critical Service £795

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PC Recovery: No Fix No Fee:

With 15 years of vast experience in data recovery industry, our expert can recover your important lost data from PCs. Our experts will help you in the data recovery that might have considered to be lost and securely recover the data.

Common Hard Drive problem in Personal Computer:

Nowadays many people are using PCs. The reason is, these are versatile and can be upgraded without any issues. You can start your PC using different hard drives. It can support more than one HDD at the same time. If one fails, you can replace it with another. But recover data from old one before replacing it. We can help you in that.

Hard Drive Failure in PC at Motherboard Level:

To work properly, hard drive need to be connected to the motherboard with the help of printed circuitry board. It works like a communication channel between motherboard and HDD. Any damage in PCB can break the communication process and you will not able to access the data stored in HDD. Damaged ribbon cable can lead to such situation. In such conflict, contact us immediately and we will offer you an effective diagnosis.

Breakdown of Master and Slave Drive in PC:

Generally, there are two drives in PC, one is a master drive and another is a slave drive. Master drive helps for booting up, and the slave drive keeps data. A minor issue in the master drive can lead to boot loop. This can be avoided by BIOS setup, but you need to take care of it. if you don’t know much about BIOS setup and facing boot loop issue, then contact us now. We can guide to solve such problems.

PC Hard Drive Firmware Failure:

Firmware generally provided by the hard drive manufacturer. It helps to run HDD correctly. You need to update it regularly. But sometimes, the update can develop issues in PC hard drive. In such case, you can lose all your data. Contact us ASAP if you encounter such issues and we will help you out.

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