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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from laptops. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Laptop Recovery

Software Fault £199

2-3 Days

Mechanical Fault £299

2-3 Days

Critical Service £795

1 Day

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Laptop Recovery: No Fix No Fee!:

With 15 years of vast experience in data recovery industry, our expert can recover your important lost data from laptops. Our experts will help you in the data recovery that might have considered to be lost and securely recover the data.

Common problems Laptop Hard Drives face:

Laptop, a portable device but offers more benefits than PCs. You can use it wherever you want. But if it is knocked, dropped, bumped and collide with some hard objects while moving here and there, it can damage HDD of laptops. Its HDD also suffers same hardware and software issues like PCs. You can contact us to get your data back from the damaged laptop.

Breakdown of Laptop HDD at Mechanical Level:

A laptop’s hard drive carries many tiny components such as actuator arms, head bearings, spindles, and platters. They help the drive to function properly. Issues in one component can make the entire drive useless. We have many years of experience in this kind of issue and we can recover your data using our up-to-date software.

Power Surge Can Lead to break down of Laptop Hard Drive:

A sudden surge of electricity can transmit more amount of power to the laptop than normal. That power level can damage the electrical components and its HDD. However, we are here to help you out and recover your data.

BIOS Battery and Firmware Failure of HDD in Laptop:

BIOS battery or CMOS battery helps in the bootup process. Small issues in the battery can disturb the bootup process or you can face boot loop. Like that, issues in HDD’s firmware can damage your laptop hard drive. To deal with such situation you can contact us. Our experts will try to recover your data to the latest version.

Hard Drive Not Detected by the OS after Update:

Sometimes OS update can develop conflict between HDD and OS database. That conflict can harm the HDD and will cease working immediately. We assure you that we can deal with such kinds of issues and can recover your all lost data without corrupting it.

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